The House on Warner Avenue

The Recycle Bin”

One time, I was taking out the boxes to put them in the recycling bin outside and it overflowed to the bin to the point where it couldn’t close. I did everything to shove it into the bin, but it all wouldn’t fit. I decided to just leave the bin halfway open and go back inside. Right as I got back inside, I heard my dad call me outside. He was outside next to the recycling bin. He asked why was the bin halfway open? We would then show me that I had to collapse the boxes in order to fit all the boxes. After all of it was done, he told me how this applied to real life. He said that if you just take the shortcuts in life, you will never complete anything.

“Basketball Feelings”

In 5th Grade, my friends and I would often play basketball during lunch and recess. One of these lunches, I was on a team with one of my friends. He would ball hog the whole game and take a million zillion shots. It didn’t matter if he was being guarded or not… He still took the shot. I was mad because all the other kids, including me, were running around open while he chucked up shots. I asked him to pass to me on multiple occasions, but it didn’t matter. After we lost, I was talking to another friend about how he hogged the ball the  whole time and how we could have won. He heard this and ran away with his feelings hurt. I shouldn’t have been so mean.

“A Friend That Lasts a Lifetime”

At the beginning of kindergarten, I made a  friend–a best friend. He would be my only friend for the rest of elementary and into middle school. We had fun playing around and goofing off. We would spend every day together. When middle school came, he had to move away and I was really sad. He had made such a big impact in my life that it was weird being at school without him. I ended up making other friends,  but he will forever be my best friend. We still keep in touch to this day, but we don’t talk as often.

“Positive Family”

Since the beginning of my life, I would always go to my grandma’s house every Saturday. I would just hang out with my cousins everyday and we all got along for the most part. But, my cousins disliked another cousin the most. I never understood why. They would try to leave him out of everything we did and that made my blood boil. I always tried to include him in everything but there would always be an argument if he is part of the activity. The older cousins and I tried to keep everything positive but that never happened. In the present time, we all get along.

My Right Brother

When I was in Kindergarten, my brother would take care of me after school. Every day he would check my homework and see if I have been doing my homework right. One day I was practicing my spelling of sight words like “the”, “and”, “many”. I finished all the words and I was very confident in my spelling. I handed the paper to my brother and all the words were spelled perfectly except for one of them. “What”. I had spelled “What” as “Wut”. My brother told me how I spelt it wrong and I argued that it was right. I sounded out the sounds with my mouth to prove that I was right. My brother and I argued back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. Until, he gave up and left the room. I later realized that he was right and that my brother was just trying to look out for me. After this event, I always agreed with my brother because I knew he was smarter and most importantly, right.

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