Five short stories

“Me and my Family”

I’m the youngest in my family— Mom, brother, and me. My brother is only a year older than me, but Mom still treats me like I’m a baby. Brother goes out whenever and whoever he wants to. But, I’m not allowed to go out at all. I go to school then to home. I have one friend though and her name’s Lily. She’s my teddy bear, I have no human friends because who wants to be friends with the girl who you never get to see besides at school. I’m a girl, a girl confined to a wooden box.


Jimmy grew up in a loving home with two devoted parents. He was spoiled and always got what he wanted, but unfortunately he never really understood the value of a dollar. One day, Jimmy’s mother had finally had enough of his spoiled attitude and ungratefulness. She kicked him out of the house, leaving him homeless. Suddenly, Jimmy was thrust into a world he had never known before. He was now forced to survive without a roof over his head, and quickly learned the hard way the true value of a dollar. He scavenged the streets for food and money, but instead of spending it on himself he decided to give back to those who were less fortunate. He spent his money on clothing, food and shelter for the homeless in his community. He soon realized that with just a little help, these people could get back on their feet and have a better life. As time went on, Jimmy’s kind nature and generous heart eventually helped him to find a place to call home. He was welcomed with open arms and was soon accepted as one of the family. Jimmy had finally realized the true value of a dollar; it wasn’t something to be taken for granted, but something to be appreciated and used to help those in need. Jimmy had finally learned the most important lesson of all: that it doesn’t take much to make a difference.

Fitting IN

Ethan has always felt a little out of place. He struggled to socialize and blend in with the other students at school. He never really understood why, but he had a hunch that it was because he was unique. Ethan made the decision to try and change things one day. He intended to make an effort to conform to society. He altered his appearance, his speech, his attire, and even his behavior. It initially appeared to function. Ethan was suddenly accepted by all of his peers and even had a few friends. But, this feeling of acceptance didn’t last long. Something was still missing. Ethan soon realized that he was trying to be like everyone else, but he wasn’t really being himself. He was just pretending to be someone else. So, Ethan decided to take a different approach. Instead of trying to be like everyone else, he decided to embrace his differences. He started to realize that everyone is different and that’s what makes life so special. Ethan soon found that his differences were what made him unique and he was finally able to be himself. He was able to make friends and fit in with the other kids at school.


There was a young witch named Rose. She would spend all her time in the forest with the creatures. She would play all day and night with them. Her parent’s would be worried every night about Rose’s whereabouts. They would try and warn her about the dangers of the night, especially in the woods. One day while Rose was with her creature buddies, a strange whistling sound started. All of her creature friends ran away, but Rose didn’t understand why. She went closer to the noise where an old wizard was. His name was Ted. Ted had been banished from the village, but young naive Rose thought that he could be a friend. As Rose approaches Ted, his whistling stops.

“ASH CAGE!” shouts Ted.

Rose has just been put in a spell, she is trapped in a very strong magical cage.

Ted then brings the cage back to his cave where he starts boiling water. Rose was about to be turned into stew. 


Rose’s Dad appears in the cave. He found out Rose was in danger because one of Rose’s creature friends came and told him she was in the woods. Rose’s Dad defeats Ted and runs away with Rose. 

Life to the Fullest

I was in the park with my mum on a gorgeous summer day. We were talking about our life and our future ambitions while taking in the sunshine. My mother suddenly turned to face me and said, “You need to carefully consider what you want to accomplish with your life, Sarah, you know that. I want you to make the most of the limited time you have left on this planet.” I was aware of her accuracy, but I was unsure of my next steps. She encouraged me to go into medicine, but I wasn’t sure that was what I wanted to do.I wasn’t sure I wanted to devote my life to it because it seemed like a lot of work. My mother noticed the uncertainty in my eyes and replied, “Sarah, you are aware that life is finite. You only have one life, so live it to the fullest by following your heart. If you wish to pursue a career in medicine, go ahead; if not, don’t. Always go along the road that makes you happy.” Knowing she was correct, I nodded in agreement. Even if our time is limited, we should still make the most of each day. I want to make sure I’m living the life I desire because life is too short to be miserable. My mom smiled and gave me a hug. She knew I had made the right decision, and I felt happier and more at peace than ever. I only have one life and I want to make sure I’m living it to the fullest.

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