The Wick

Humans are made up of many different characteristics along with multiple hardships. We are born to gain knowledge and exposure through the challenges life may throw at us. Regardless, as foolish as it may sound, everyone should own a candle to combat these issues. Whether or not it’s a fake or real, it still symbolically represents humans in a way. It offers a step to implementing self-care, allows tranquility or relaxation, and evokes celebration, targeting many different aspects of our necessities and daily life. Not only does it provide recreational relief, but candles can also resonate with us through symbolic factors such as light, rebirth, and human experiences.

Spiritually, the Light of Diya represents the prosperous light protecting you from “spiritual darkness”. Candles are most frequently used in households, which is what makes them so versatile. Candles are essentially protecting us from the “spiritual darkness” we often experience. Everyone goes through a block of light, or eternal darkness we cannot escape from, however, the candle lit in one’s home is so sacred it might light up the darkness and allow a sort of escape from the scene. The Light of Diya is such a significant item in some cultures that a festival is held for it. Universally, there are also other instances where candles are used. This is what makes candles so illuminating, they are in a constant state of freeness until they are blown out evoking darkness. But darkness doesn’t last forever because a new candle will be lit, lighting. Moreover, both the Light of Diya and candles are sacred, illuminated symbols.

 Candles are very versatile objects, they come in different forms and exterior designs, possessing different purposes. Apart from the generic scented candles, birthday candles are a prominent staple in our lives, marking the beginning of a new age and celebration. In the Scavengers Film, the feminine presenting scientist dunked her head into the orb and received a glimpse back into civilization. Through these few moments of her home, she can be interpreted as reminiscing into the past and letting go. As a result, she experienced a comeback, or rejuvenation into her present world, along with newfound creatures. In this scene, I can suspect that the scientist indulged a rebirth back into her past world, civilization. Similarly, birthday candles symbolize a new life, or rebirth.

The way a wick is produced, laid, and trimmed affects its experiences. If it is trimmed incorrectly, it may lead to side effects like inconsistent burning. This might even lead to another array of issues. Correspondingly, in the film Spirited Away, Chihiro must follow many procedures to attain her goal of returning to her world whilst saving her parents and the friends she gains on her journey. As a result, she gains multiple new embarking experiences. Likewise, the different decisions Chihiro chooses, relates to how a wick is handled. If choices are unwise, or a wick is trimmed inefficiently, its future may be on the line or affected. All in all, both the manipulation of a candle and one’s choices share a common ground where these factors can lay stepping stones, negative or positive regarding their future.

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