In the Flesh

What makes us different from everyone else?

Trophy Wives

Similar to Esperanza’s great-grandmother, my grandmother was a housewife always tending to “womanly” tasks. It was as if she were locked down in shackles or Rapunzel in her tower. Naturally, as my mother grew up, she became just like her. The only difference was that she slowly realized the opportunities she was missing out on due to this restricted lifestyle. As a result, she learned new routines. The cycle she was in was like a never-ending, dripping faucet, and she plugged the drain to it.

Story of Our Lives

Children are distinctly vulnerable beings. They are susceptible to anything and everything. They are heavily influenced by anything around them whether it may include, parents, students, peers, employees…just about everything. Through a child’s eyes, everything is raw and present. Whatever they experience as children, leads up to who they are in the future. In contrast, adults and grownups take things too seriously, ultimately leading to a buildup of overthinking. After that, everything just comes tumbling down into one large horror scene. Although, we all share a common ground despite intelligence levels. We all desire social interaction in a way and become vulnerable or exposed in the end. Moreover, everyone is similar in a way.


Femininity goes a long way. It’s both negative and positive depending on how you look at it. Some women are forced to sit by a windowsill and stare out in a daze thinking about what’s to come next. Some women enjoy it. Thankfully, the times are changing. Little by little, our world makes prosperous steps into a better and improved society. Even if our globe isn’t thriving, the experiences humanity bring are so influential that we may be able to overcome anything with just a little bit of effort and drive. Whatever happens just happens and some are forced to accept and let go. Cest la vie.

First Aid

There was an old woman who had so many children she didn’t know what to do. In the past, it was a given for people to have children. It benefited their homes, increasing population to help or aid around the house. Similarly, my grandmother did the same. I have four aunts and four uncles. They all helped around the house, although some were favored more than others, but this was generally a common occurrence because of the traditional view back then. Back then, people were conventional and everyone followed the same guidelines even though they weren’t distinctly established.

A Profile

We all have a profile. Something we express ourselves through, or something we tend to. We’re all busy with our own lives and no one is more immersed into their own life except themselves. Although, demographic and social standings get in the way. Some people are held back and must take more steps and effort. Regardless, everyone goes through hardships, creating their own perspective and profile upon the world. We strive for self-improvement so much that it might even be toxic, but that’s just your own world.

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