The House On McFadden Street

Mother and son bond

When I was younger I wanted to do lots of things. My mom always helped me achieve that. Whether it’s if I wanted someone new or wanted to go somewhere, whatever it was, my mom was always there. When I was in sixth grade there was a Halloween dance. It was going to be my first dance experience and my sixth grade self wanted to make it the best. I had planned out my Halloween look for the day and I was missing one thing, the scars on my face. I asked my mom that morning if she could go get them. She was very busy that day, she had to run a lot of errands and my aunts had come over so she had a tight schedule. She told me she would try and make it happen. So after school my mom picked me up and the dance was going to start about 20 minutes after school ended. My sixth grade self didn’t think that It was just fine I didn’t dress up. Or I didn’t have to go home and shower as I planned. But it was my first middle school dance. I didn’t know what to do or expect. So my mom who was still very busy took me home. I shower quickly and change into my costume and my mom applied the scars on my face. She made it, she had got me what I asked for. My mom takes me and a friend who we picked up on the way and drops us off on time when the dance starts. I hear her sigh of relief. She achieved her goal of making her kid happy, and I was. She snapped a picture of me and my friend, said I love you, and drove off home.

Wishing I could turn back time

At this stage of adolescence, people say it’s the best years of your life. I agree, but I also think being a kid was the best. We didn’t have all the technology we do now. I would play outside everyday after completing my homework and let my imagination run free. My cousin would also come over and we would play soccer. We almost always invited our neighbors to play and we had our own little group and we would play tag etc. Growing up it changed a little. I’m still friends with my neighbors and sometimes go out and play soccer or basketball, but most of the time I’m inside. Helping take care of my brothers, doing lots of homework, and chores. I have more responsibility, and while I’m also grateful that at this age I have more privileges, I miss being a kid.

Life of a hardworking man

My dad has done a lot for me. I’ve never seen him vulnerable. He always wakes up in the dark to get ready for work and leaves before I wake up. He’s a strong man and I’m thankful for everything he has sacrificed for us. Sometimes I hear his alarm and I feel bad that he has to get up that early. As a kid I would always ask my dad to sleep with me and to not go to work. He would tell me he wished he could continue sleeping because he felt so tired. He continued to say he’s working for a better future and would give me words of encouragement like to do good in school so I won’t have to “suffer” like him waking up early and so that I can get a career. I love my dad.


My mom always says she could have been something big. She always wanted to have a career and continue on to college. But my grandfather didn’t allow her. He still had that old mindset that women should just be working at him taking care of men. Her teachers even went to their home and tried to convince my grandfather to let her keep going. She had excellent grades and excelled as a student. But the ultimate decision was no. Since then my mom just stays at home. And sometimes when I don’t want to do my homework or say stuff like I hate school, she’ll tell me I can’t take the privilege of being able to go to school for granted. She says that was the only thing she wished for. So now I have to make my mom proud and accomplish the goals she couldn’t. 

Daily childhood life

My cousins and I had a wild imagination. And when we would get together it was even wilder. We pretended we were in different places of the world. Used items and pretended there were others. We made new friends but for some reason one of my friends didn’t like one of my cousins. I tried to reason with him and make peace with everyone but he didn’t budge to open up. One time we were playing outside and we were throwing a football. Everything was going fine until my friend started to call my cousin names. At first he took it as a joke and we were all giggling and laughing until it got more serious. They started to call each other worse names and the tone in their voice changed. Until they got mad to the point we couldn’t play anymore so we all just went inside. 

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