Life As A Boy Scout

I learned many things throughout the years as a boy scout. However, there are certain things that I will keep and remember as core memories that changed who I am as a person. I’ve learned many lessons during campouts or backpacking trips. My journey in scouting hasn’t ended yet but here are some things that I can share about my experiences.

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I remember it like it was yesterday. Pulling up to the lake and sitting under the canopy learning from my counselor. My dad had recommended I take the fishing merit badge. So there I was sitting on the bench. Just your average awkward middle school boy in a class with complete strangers. We started with knots and I found myself getting the hang of it quite easily soon, we started setting up our setup. My dad bought me a brand-new blue fishing rod. The lake had been filled with fish and you could see them swimming along the bank. I remember the first time I hooked a fish. I struggled with the beast as it tried to pull away. I called out to my friends as I saw the fish jump straight out of the water. Somehow, my hook stayed in and I pulled in my first-ever fish. Since then, I would go on fishing trips with my dad and spend time with him. It’s something we can bond over and fishing will forever be a hobby of mine.

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I’ve always been really obsessed with the ocean since I was a kid. I would always ask to go to the beach so I could swim or play in the sand. I took the kayaking merit badge and it was a very enjoyable experience. The counselor was a very likable guy surprisingly around my age. I specifically took this merit badge because I knew that my dad had a kayak that he would take out to go fishing. The paddles were hard to get down efficiently and I had trouble at first. My friend helped me out and I got the hang of it. We paddled down a river and although we capsized a couple of times, everything went swimmingly.

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