A Story of Cyber bullying

Hi, my name is Lola. I am so glad you are taking time out of your day to read this. I am a student trying to find the best graphic novel to recommend to my classmates and I would like to pitch a few reasons why you should read the graphic novel “Click” by Alexandra Philips. This story will touch your heart as you read the story of a girl who struggled through cyberbullying and how it affected her. We feel the many emotions she feels and we are put in her shoes as we learn how she overcame it and how she got her happiness back.

If you enjoy reading about the struggles of teenage life and growing up, this novel is for you. It has a great lesson to it and will not fail to keep you intrigued. We see in the below picture the strong effect social media had on this teenage girl. It created feelings of insecurity and loneliness that no one should feel as they grow up. Phones and technology have taken over our day to day lives and it is important we recognize that.

The overall topic of cyber bullying is the exigence or issue that prompts this novel. By writing about it, the author created light to the situation and it is important that it is recognized by high school students. It can have a great impact on those who are struggling, which is why it is a highly recommended read. The pressure of Don’t wait! Start reading now and find this graphic novel in online or in person libraries near you. 

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