Getting back up

Entering this new school year, I continue to have the goal of having straight A’s. I want to be a good student and give myself that satisfaction of achieving my goal. I want to be the student who always turns in their homework on time, get’s good test scores, etc. I was doing good at the beginning but it slowly started going downhill. Assignments started to pile up, some tests would come back with some low scores, and I was very overwhelmed. I felt like I had failed and I wasn’t very good enough or worthy to be in some classes. Now i’m putting in my best effort again and i’m starting to get to where I was before, and i’m feeling motivated. My situation kind of reminds me of Chihiro’s in Spirited Away. Chihiro and her family were doing good. They were trying to get to their new home, but it went downhill when her parents disappeared in an “abandoned” city, and it was left in Chihiro’s hands to get everything back to how it was before. It will be hard to get back up, but like Blaire Sommerville said, “give it a go, sometimes it works.”

Everyone needs some alone time or motivation in their life. You might be dealing with a lot so you need some time for yourself. For example in Spirited Away, Chihiro was lost in the spirit world. After the disappearance of her parents she felt hopeless. She started to cry but Haku gave her strength and motivation to help her get through it and escape. This is an example of how people sometimes need motivation from others. Without the help of Haku who knows what the outcome would’ve been. Another example could be in the Last Bookstore video. People had a daily routine of going into the store and staying there all day. Some people need their alone time. You never know how many things are going on in their life. It could be school, work, or personal problems. You just need to have some time to yourself, to relax or think about things thoroughly without adding more stress. Or you just might need some motivation for life. Feeling like you have a purpose to do something makes you feel more important. In the video the Lost and Found, the guy talks about only needing the important necessities to live which are food, shelter, and a reason to live. The people in the bookstore might have that reason to live which is going everyday and reading books. Or the kids in Baltimore having the reason to change their community for the better.

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