Avatar The Last Airbender- Imbalance Part 1

You should read Avatar the last airbender novel because it has a lot of crazy art and characteristics. It has a good and meaningful story behind it. You can learn about other cultures and life lessons. It features many different elements of life and the meaning behind each element and shows you the way of nature and how it behaves based on your nature. You can see how unity is the key to the world because when we unite we are stronger than we can ever imagine. Last but not least it also shows how unity can stop the bullying of a person or country/nation.

This is a very unique novel because of the characters and their journey from the start to the end. It talks about a young kid that lost his family/ tribe and is lost and has no idea what to do. You can read about how he grows and becomes one of the greatest avatars alive. Seeing the position he is in, how would you imagine yourself if you were in his position? Would you not continue your path as the avatar or would you rise up and take on that role?

Avatar the last airbender has 1.1 million viewers each episode and it’s still climbing. Imagine if they made a cartoon movie based on this novel and show how the numbers would rise. There are 61 episodes in Avatar which mean 67.1 million viewers have watched avatar. This show was the highest-rated animation series during its premiere. So there is no shame if you haven’t watched it yet because there are plenty of others like you who also haven’t watched yet, so join them and watch it together and get to experience it with another person.

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