The Amazing Spider-Man: A Week With The Web-Slinger

Hi, my name is Gavin, thank you for taking the time to read this post. I am currently a sophomore high school student, and in this post, I hope that I can convince you to read The Amazing Spider-Man: A Week With The Web-Slinger. Personally, I’m not usually a fan of comic books but this is one I liked, so I am going to give you 3 modes of persuasion of why you should read it. Logos, Photos, and Framing.

(Logos) First I am going to use Logos. Do you like comic books or graphic novels? Then this book should be a no-brainer to read. It’s short, so it’s not something that will take a long time to read. It’s simple so you don’t have to get “philosophical” to understand it. But, it has all the things that make a good comic. Also, it puts us in the perspective of not just Spider-Man but Peter Parker. So if you like short, simple, but still something good to read, then this is for you. (It’s also Spider-Man and I think everyone likes him)

(Pathos) Next, I am going to talk about Pathos. It’s about something that every person eventually has gone through. Spiderman is a superhero, meant to be strong and save people. But, he doesn’t have time for himself. In the comic, we go through his week, as he has an assignment due at the end of the week, but every day it seems like something is stopping him from finishing it. First, he swings around on Monday but nothing happens. He plans on doing it on Tuesday, but he has a date with MJ. On Wednesday, he is just about to start, but a fire starts, and he has to help. Then on Thursday, he has to go to work at “The Daily Bugle”, where he has to take a picture of Spider-Man. On Friday he has dinner with Aunt May. It’s not until Saturday that he finishes it and Sunday when he gets the picture when he fights Rhino. We think he’s probably not going to be able to finish it but in the end, he gets it done. Happiness can be shared since although he goes through a lot, and has a lot of stress with him, he still is able to make the best out of it. This can be seen at the end where he just wants to relax but Rhino escapes and he smiles when going. He went through all that stress and still can put a smile on his face. Also, all of us have been or are students, and we seem to always be stressed or doing HW. So, this relates to us since when we are stressed out, having a positive attitude helps.

(Framing) This comic is very simple but, it’s actually a good thing. You can read the whole comic and understand it completely without all the boring references, or complicated comparisons. The drawings are short, small, and simple, and get the point out. But, let’s say you don’t like pictures, or they are too simple. Then reading the story is enough to explain what’s happening without it being drawn out.

As I said before, it’s short and simple, so if you need a quick read on a weekday or something, this would be something that I would recommend. I know that it’s somewhat childish, but it’s Spider-Man, who doesn’t like Spider-Man?

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