Hi! I’m Celine. I’m a student in high school and I’d like you all to read Evil Thing: A Villian’s Graphic Novel. Hopefully, once you reach the end of this page, you’d like to read it and try to get others to read it as well.

Tragic backstory readers: For everybody who loves a little bit of grey in all of their story characters. This graphic novel is about the backstory of Cruella De Vil, the antagonist of the well known movie 101 Dalmatians. Cruella has some issues that you probably have guessed from watching the movie, but was not explained or adknowledged. This is all about her childhood and the reasons for her obsession with fur. It’ll bring your childhood villain to a new light. 

Let a villain explain herself: Villains get a bad rap. Characters in kids’ movies are usually shown in black and white. To be fair, it might be difficult for children to comprehend morally grey characters and while it would add depth, it is just too much for an hour long film. That’s why, you should let Cruella defend herself. Teach the child you once were the meaning of empathy and compassion. It might not absolve her of her actions, but it might help that kid inside of you forgive a little.

Fans: If you are a fan of characters like Maleficent or Natasha Romanoff from Black Widow, you’ll like this graphic novel. This story shows the grey of Cruella similar to the grey of Maleficient or Black widow. These women have all been through things that made them the characters that appear on our screen. No one is perfect and these ladies are the epitome of that. The world made them who they are, and they are unapologetic about it.

All Cruella wants is to be something to her mother. She craves valedation and after years of her childhood never being prioritized, she seeks it when she is an adult. I think we all can understand that feeling.

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