Minecraft: Stories From the Over-world

Why should you read Stories From the Overworld? One of the short stories, A Creeper’s Tale illustrates a creeper’s life story destined to explode with high emotions, he and his friends help him build a house alone from others in a mineshaft. After an incident, his friends rigged his house. Unfortunately, a creeper with strong emotions can’t watch a human walk into the trap. 

If you love karma, but in a healthy way and not in an ultimatum death style, you’re going to appreciate the short story “Griefer”. Following a gamer in a server killing innocents and then lighting their digital homes on fire. They feel no remorse for their actions since there are no consequences. Or is there? Read this short story if you like angst and happy endings. 

As Minecraft is one of the most popular and influential games of our generation. I am sure most of us have played it or come in contact with the fans. Millions of people of all ages adore Minecraft and the fandom that comes with it. This collection of short shorties from the world of Minecraft can entrap you. 

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