Minecraft: Stories From The Overworld Elevator Pitch

Have you ever played Minecraft? Minecraft is one of the most popular games with a total amount of around 141 million players. If you love to play Minecraft then you should be interested in reading about it too. This Minecraft book gives stories about bettering oneself and helps you improve your mindset. 

In one of the stories it details how a creeper which is seen as some sort of threat becomes more approachable. The creeper is detailed as very nice to other monsters. He sees a player walking into a trap and decides to blow himself so the player doesn’t fall for the trap and die. Although by blowing up he killed himself but sacrificed himself for someone else’s benefit.

Out of 166 ratings this book has earned itself four stars. It’s easily approachable for a young kid or adult. Anybody that reads it will learn some sort of meaningful idea and can improve themselves. Any group can understand this type of book and use it.

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