Hello there, my name is Kaylynn Hong. I hope you’re having a wonderful day! I’m currently a sophomore student at Fountain Valley High School. In my English class, we’re creating an elevator pitch for a graphic of our choice. Read ahead and see some of the reasons why YOU should read Frozen!

Pathos: I’m sure you’ve heard of the movie Frozen, one of the most well-known children’s films ever. If the movie is excellent, the graphic novel would be too! We all know that Elsa and Anna’s parents died early on in the film when they were still at a developing age where parents are crucial in their lives. With just the two sisters left in the family, they should be closer than ever, but that isn’t the case. Instead, Elsa had isolated herself from her only family left and what used to be a close and loving sister bond turned into a cold and distant one. Seeing all the pain and everything that happened to them so early on, don’t you want to see where the story will lead and if they will ever get a happy ending?

Logos: Another movie you’ve probably watched or heard of is Tangled, and if you liked it, then you’ll most likely enjoy reading Frozen. Both of these works share similar themes. For example, in the movie Tangled, Rapunzel had been confined to a tower ever since she was little so she never experienced or had a normal life. Elsa had the same problem because she was born with this special ice power and learned that it could be dangerous around others so she also was not allowed to leave the castle.

Ethos: The movie itself has made around 1.282 billion dollars with a 90% rotten tomato rating. There are also many high reviews from well-known publishing companies like New York Times or USA Today. You can also ask kids about their thoughts on Frozen. Some of them love it. There are also many items and toys that are “Frozen-themed” because brands know that people will buy it since it was a good movie. With this many good reviews, it is clear to see that the graphic novel is going to be a good read.

Given these reasons, I hope that you have decided to read this amazing graphic novel. What are you waiting for? Go to ur nearest library or even read it online!

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