Cryptid Club

(Logos) Do you love memes? Do you feel misunderstood or haven’t discovered just what your role in life is yet? How about laughing away your problems? A fan of all three? If that’s the case then you’re sure to love Cryptid Club. It’s hilarious and grapples with modern day feelings of not belonging. It’s relatable and perfect for someone who just wants to laugh away their problems as fast as humanly possible. Be sure to come check it out for instant humorous relief and distraction from this whirlwind that we call life. 

(Pathos) Cryptid Club will only take you about 20 minutes to read but the joy and amusement it offers is well worth the price of your time. It contains countless little one page comic narratives, or insights to the world of the cryptids. But these little scenes tie into popular culture and modern facts of reality. The characters repeat throughout the novel and I’ve come to smile every time I see one of my favorites appear on the pages. Cryptids are creatures that are typically feared in most fiction, (examples being, bigfoot, the loch ness monster, and the kraken) and seeing them in a humorous light has a very endearing and comforting effect. It’s almost as if by smiling at their silly antics, a childhood fear is being conquered. And don’t we all want to leave behind what has plagued us in the past and replace it with something that makes us smile? 

(Framing) There is beauty in simplicity. Cryptid Club is effortlessly simple, in an endearing way. It features simple illustrations of your favorite misfit characters that have a simple punch line, which begins and ends within the same page. You get all of the enjoyment without any slogging through boring bits of descriptive language or philosophical musings. Cryptid Club is an instant feel good for those who are too tired to think anymore. 

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