The Amazing Spider-Man Elevator Pitch: A week with the web-slinger:

It’s The AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, a story most people love and enjoy. Whether it’s watching the movies, reading the graphic novels, or other sorts of media based around it, people just can’t seem to get enough of it.


This graphic novel is so much more relatable than you would think. Even though it’s unrealistic because of Peter Parker’s abilities to swing around the city and save peoples lives, there are many other characteristics of this novel that so many people in school can relate to. The amount of homework, stress, and tight schedule that are evident in so many peoples lives. Peter parker has an very busy week with his work in the Daily Bugle, going on a date, dinner with his mother, saving the city, and the thing holding him back the most, HOMEWORK. He spend his week doing all those things, that he puts off homework to the second to last day. He has to spend “several hours” doing on assignment for his class. As the reader, this gives us sense of empathy for his hard week with homework and being overloaded with things to do. We empathize towards Peter becuase we have to deal with this constantly in high school, balancing school, extracurricular activities, sports, clubs, work (sometimes), and more.

This is the scene of Peter hours into his homework assignment for his class. We’ve all been through this moment, and needless to say, it sucks. It is the last thing we want to be doing after a long week or hard day. But it must be done. This the moment that ties us into the shoes of Peter and lets us understand his life more.


If you are someone who is into the superhero genre of things, you like to watch Marvel or DC, or maybe even you like to read the comics of all the different superheros and villans, this graphic novel is perfect for you. It has the simplicity of any story line, with a very popular superhero, which allows you to relate to him more than you think. Your just gonna The Amazing Spider-Man graphic novel. It will allow you to put yourself into the shoes of the superhero himself, which is the point of many of these graphic novels. You just might find yourself enjoying it more than you would expect. If your a superhero fan, then you’ll enjoy this graphic novel.


Spider-Man, one of the most well known superheros, is based around so many different media outlets. He’s on graphic novels, movies, merchandise, stores, and so much more. The reason he is so popular in our society and in all these different media outlets is because of how well of a character he is made. He relates to the people, YOU! As a kid in highschool, it makes kids relate to him very well, and he becomes even cooler the fact that he is a world renowned superhero. Spider-Man is undeniably on of the best superheros because of all the awards the Spider-Man movies have won, and the graphic novels. There is simply too much going for the creation of Spider-Man for someone to dislike him.

The Amazing Spider-Man. A week with the web-slinger

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