The Amazing Spiderman

Hi, my name is Jacob Lemmons, a high school student who stumbles through daily high school life. In my opinion, I think you should read The Amazing Peter Parker, because it’s very entertaining to read, and seems while it isn’t entirely relatable like other comic books you might read, you could easily align with some of Peter ideals and thoughts. Spiderman is a superhero classic, and personally, I couldn’t really envision someone who could read superhero novels and not enjoy this.

Peter Parker goes to regular school, as a regular kid, trying to blend into the normal crowd. If you like comic books, and you like superheroes, you are almost guaranteed to like this comic. It shows Peter Parker going through daily high school life, with a bully who tries to make fun of him, while he tries to contain the fact that he’s Spiderman. In addition to this, the bully in the story almost pulls the heart of lots of kids who suffer the same fate every day. It makes it a lot more relatable to a seemingly unrelatable person, and makes the connection between a normal person and Spiderman. Lastly, for ethos, my personal opinion for the comic is quite high in my list. Me personally, I really don’t enjoy many comic books, but this comic book actually seemed to be worth my time, which says a lot.

In conclusion, I really think that The Amazing Peter Parker is a really good comic book. The connections of relatability between the normal person and Spiderman pulls the strings of your heart every time, and it gets you connected fast. I really enjoyed reading The Amazing Peter Parker, and I think that you should read it too.

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