Drawing the Pain

Logos: If you like graphic novels such as Smile, Drama, or Sisters by Raina Telgemeier, then you are going to love New Kid by Jerry Craft. I personally enjoy Raina Telgemeier’s graphic novels and when I saw New Kid, it immediately caught my eye. I don’t know what it is but both novels are very similar in a way. I think it’s the way that they’re formatted and how the dialog is presented. I find that in novels like these, there is too much text in one box and you find yourself lost in the book and don’t know what order to read the text in. However, in New Kid, the dialog is put in a way where it is easy to read and not too overwhelming so you can actually enjoy the novel. The art style of this novel also really depicts the scene well and you can understand what the character feels. There is a good use of colors throughout the book and before a chapter begins, there is unique art that helps you guess what the chapter can be about. So, if you like Raina Telgemeier’s novels, then you will love New Kid.

Ethos: The novel has received the John Newbery Medal. This medal is considered one of the most prestigious awards for children’s literature in the United States. It awards the author for contributing to literature for children and displays respect for helping children’s understanding. Considering that this is a children’s book, it has a good message that if children can enjoy and understand, then you can too.

Pathos: Throughout the novel, you can see that the main character, Jordan Banks, struggles with fitting in and adapting in his new school but also struggles to connect with his old friends around his neighborhood. Jordan spends his time drawing to spend time and wishes to be in an art school but his parents enroll him in a private school that has advanced classes. With him being enrolled in this private school unwillingly, he tries to progress through it but the racism there makes it hard for him to. And to make matters worse, his old friends think he is turning into a stuck-up rich boy. The novel tackles racism and stereotypes and shows how ignorant words can have a big impact. Little things like being called the wrong name simply because you are the same race as said person. It may not seem like a big deal but we can see from the novel that it makes them feel like they’re not special and just another colored person in class. When you read this novel, you can see how ignorance is not bliss.

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