The Amazing Peter Parker

I’ve always loved watching Marvel movies. However, I never enjoyed reading as much until I came across graphic novels. These books are a great mix of watching movies while also reading because of the different types of art in the comics. The one I’d like to recommend to you is called The Amazing Peter Parker.

Pathos: As Peter Parker goes through his everyday experience in school, some of his situations can be very relatable to students. Apart from the fact that Peter is Spider-man, he still manages to get teased and embarrassed by his bully, Flash. Although Peter can easily shut his accusations down, he’s forced to restrain himself and push through the bullying in order to contain his identity. This could make him contemplate whether to risk his and his aunt’s safety to reveal himself or continue to get bullied. Especially in this specific time of his life, he has an extreme amount of pressure to do good in school, while still having a full-time job of saving his city. Even though he was able to outsmart the villains, Peter can’t help but want to prove that he isn’t like what he seems to be in school. He still realizes the dangers and has to mature faster to keep his role as a hero.

Logos: Have you watched the most recent Spider-man film, ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, or any Spider-man movies at all? If yes, then you would enjoy this graphic novel because it goes deeper into Peter Parker’s personal life outside of the action. It’s also pretty short and doesn’t contain a page-long paragraph of words in a tiny font so it’s much easier to read. Additionally, the graphics are detailed and can portray what the page is saying so well that you could probably just look at the pictures and figure out what’s going on. So, if you like short and easy-to-read books, then you’ll definitely be invested in this graphic novel.

Framing: As I said in the paragraph before, the comics in this novel are very simplified, but narrate the story perfectly. The different perspectives of the drawings help you envision the scene as if you’re actually part of it. Although the images are straightforward, they still capture the background and facial expressions of many students well to fully create the overall mood of the comic. This creates a completely new experience to reading Spider-man and it makes the process more enjoyable.

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