El Deafo

Pathos: A primary experience in the graphic novel was the main character Cece being mistreated and bullied due to her hearing disability. She was looked down upon for wearing a hearing aid and not having the comprehensive skills as some of her companions. She was ridiculed and made fun of because of a matter she could not control. Cece was wearing a hearing aid for her own benefit and it should not be taken as an opportunity to be put down. I experienced much sympathy for Cece while reading El Deafo

Repetition: The repetition in El Deafo was almost exhausting and made me consider stopping. Then I realized that this is a situation people face multiple times a day. Being deaf was everything but normalized in the novel and Cece had to explain how her actions corresponded with being deaf and justified many instances where she didn’t need to. 

Kairos: The moment and timing of this graphic novel was exquisite. The conversations were realistic and felt like I was in that given moment. I felt what Cece felt while reading and the author represented the youth struggles extremely well. The author showed that anything can happen at any moment and how Cece’s deafness was so sudden and happened when she was only four years old. El Deafo gave me a new perspective on life and heavily proved that every individual has their own struggles.

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