The Breadwinner

Hello, my name is Faith Nguyen and I am a sophomore in Fountain Valley High School. I would like to recommend my classmates to read Breadwinner, a graphic novel about a young girl named Parvana who must disguise herself as a boy in order to support her family and rescue her father from the Taliban.


Pathos: The Struggles

I recommend reading The Breadwinner because of its realistic depiction of the hardships families may face around the world, especially in countries facing armed conflict. The graphic novel symbolizes the strong connection a child may have with their parent through Parvana’s dedication to rescue her Baba from the Taliban prison, Pul-e-Charkhi; a struggle no child should face. Parvana’s character also represents a person’s struggle with their identity; she experienced an identity crisis through her confusion on whether or not she was a boy or girl.

Logos: It Connects

The Breadwinner can be labeled as a MUST READ if you love the story plot of Mulan. Parvana disguising herself as a boy to save her Baba is similar to Mulan’s decision to dress as a soldier and save her father’s life. If you want to understand the abuses that the Taliban inflicts on women, then I recommend reading The Breadwinner. In a less morbid approach, the graphic novel gives an accurate depiction of the hardships that women face with the Taliban. If you enjoy Deborah Ellis’ Breadwinner Series, choose this graphic novel to read; The Breadwinner is a condensed version of Ellis’ award-winning and riveting novel.

Ethos: Emotion

As a person who does not like reading, I think that this graphic novel would make an exception. I usually direct my attention to books about horror, mystery, and murder as these are the only categories that keep me awake when reading. However, The Breadwinner is quite a compelling story, emphasizing the hope and strength found in an 11 year old girl. The graphic novel, although focusing on the abuses of women, emphasizes adventure through Parvana’s path to find her father and action through Parvana and her friend’s obstacles in escaping the violent men. The novel also includes many detailed drawings allowing the reader to visually experience and interpret the struggles of Parvana and her family in Afghanistan.

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