They Called Us Enemy

Hello, my name is Ethan Kwong and I am a sophomore in high school. 

In the comic book, “They Called Us Enemy,” the author tells us of a Japanese family living through a time when the Japanese were discriminated against in the United States because of the Pearl Harbor Attack. They were forced to give up their wealth and moved to concentration camps. Imagine being a Japanese living in the United States during the Pearl Harbor Attack. You and your family leave your home and you only take the most important things. However, there are so many things you want to bring, but you have to leave them behind. Your whole family is cramped into a small room where horses have slept. It stinks and you have to live here for months. Then, you have moved again and are forced to go into a concentration camp. When you arrived there, it is so hot that everything metal piece will burn you. As you go towards your cabinet and put your things in it you start sweating and is a very uncomfortable place to live in. You end up staying there for years. Read this comic book to learn more about how the Japanese were able to survive during this tough time and ponder if you could live in their shoes.

The story in the comic book, “They Called Us Enemy,” could be compared to so many other minority groups that have faced discrimination just because of who they are. If you like comic books and you like to learn about the history behind our world, then reading this comic book is one of the best you could read. Reading comic books is fun because it already has an image that you could analyze. Thus, pictures would really help the understanding of Japanese life during this harsh period. 

Everyone should read this comic book, written by George Takei because you get to learn what conditions the Japanese had to live in during World War II; you get to learn what the U.S. did to prevent their freedom. Not only that, but it also makes you more grateful for what you have. This book was so good that it earned the 41st Annual American Book Award. This award represents “outstanding literary achievement from the entire spectrum of America’s diverse literary community.” In addition, it is rated 4.4 out of 5, and 93% of people who read this book like it according to google.

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