Everyone Is a Mob

Hi, I am Emily, a normal high school student whose life is consumed by everyday homework and stress, until it has seemingly reached the point where my built-up emotions would shatter one day. Fortunately, however, I am able to find a hobby that would replace my negative feelings with happy and joyful ones. During my free time, I would either watch anime or read manga with my sister. One of my favorites is Mob Psycho 100, to which I think a lot of people, including myself, can very much relate to. It is a series brimming with empathy, comedy, and excellent metaphors and themes. 

As typical as it is, the manga includes action and fighting scenes; however, it also provides wholesome and relatable factors. The series revolves around a young middle-schooler who possesses psychic powers. Throughout his life, Mob’s abilities have shown positive and negative aspects—he is able to befriend the girl he likes, but he doubts himself because he is abnormal. As a result, the emotions that continuously grow within him are bound to explode one day, which we have all experienced something similar. 

But like all of us, there are people around Mob who care for him. They help him control his emotions and find his own self-worth. His own identity. 

The message that the manga conveys deals with the problem under people’s skin. Many people would look at another person, and wish that they had the same characteristics. Intelligence. Athleticism. Physical appearance. Nonetheless, it is important to look past that thought, and realize our own identity—not be what others are, but to be ourselves and what we want to be. 

Aside from all the life lessons and themes, the series is fun and unique in general. And we, as human beings, like fun and interesting things. Humor is constantly placed throughout the manga, and one cannot not laugh. Having a terrible day filled with stress does not mean that a person is caged with no solutions, for reading the manga would lighten the mood as if the day is new. Good humor is something that everyone loves, and Mob Psycho 100 effortlessly delivers it. 

As many know, English literature is an incredibly difficult subject that dives deep into the language. Its advanced novels are full of literary devices and implied themes, where one must carefully analyze the text in order to completely understand. On the other hand, manga are graphic novels with more pictures and less words, something that is not as much appreciated in literature. Despite this, Mr. Theriault, an English Honors teacher, has recommended this specific manga series, and considered it to be one of the best. As he introduces it to the class, it takes the role of reducing the students’ stress.

Regardless of the fact that it is a manga with drawings replacing words to describe a situation and setting, there are metaphors and messages exhibited through dialogues and other factors. One obvious example is the fact that Mob’s explosions are not just a side-effect of his abilities, but it represents his own mental breakdown as his emotions burst out. It may not be like the rest of the novels with long and intricate sentences, but it is still a form of literature that can be challenging to analyze the whole context. The feeling of once a person has been able to notice the implicit messages and metaphors throughout the manga is truly astonishing. 

Overall, Mob Psycho 100 is definitely worth reading. There is humor to lighten the mood up, and one can learn new things, such as vocabulary or even life lessons. The series is like a safe space that welcomes everyone with comfort as we enter its vast world. So you should definitely not miss out on it!

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