The Unseen Hardships


The graphic novel The Breadwinner is a fictional piece about the struggles of Parvana and her family who are living under Taliban rule. Have you ever taken the freedom you have in America for granted? Once you see how the women were treated under the Taliban rule you will never take your rights for granted ever again. Their family only had 2 men; one was still an infant, so her father was the only one who could go out and do things. The women were not allowed to go out without a man and had to cover up according to the Islam rules enforced by the Taliban. This was already hard enough, but to make matters worse her father was arrested for having books. With the laws enforced in their country, it seems almost impossible for the women of the family to make a living or even contact their father who was unjustly arrested.


If you are interested in reading about the struggles of the civilians who have to live during a war then this is a novel that you should certainly consider checking out. It gives a good insight into how people who are forced to live in a battlefield trying to make do with what they have every day. The unjust events that occur in this novel seem commonplace in their country, but here in America it would break the news. If you also want to get educated about the inequality towards the women of the Islamic religion. You will want to give this graphic novel a try to explore and learn more about why even recently women are still protesting for their rights in these countries.


The predominant pattern in this graphic novel is the constant mistreatment of the Muslim women you read about in this book. Obviously, the way that Muslim women are treated is unfair and honestly kind of cruel. They are restricted from many basic human rights like getting an education or even leaving their homes by themselves. An organization that also supports this belief is the Muslim Women’s Organization. This graphic novel will not only provide an exciting experience, but it will also expand your knowledge about their injustices which I strongly believe Muslim Women’s Organization would appreciate.

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