Avatar: The Last Airbender – Imbalance Part 3

Avatar is a great show and graphic novel to read and watch. It’s not just for kids like many believe; it’s about changing and becoming a better person, learning from the best, and realizing that teamwork and friends are what you can rely on. In this novel, Toph believes that Liling does not deserve her bending powers because of the army she created that only hurts the non-benders. Everyone else, including Aang, believes that she should not have her powers stripped. It is like the same thing as getting your rights taken away, which is unfair to Liling because she doesnt have a say. Although Toph wants her powers to be stripped, everyone has a voice to talk and agree or disagree. Aang decides to persuade Liling to end her harming peacefully without getting her powers stripped. Talking to the person who may be in the wrong is best, instead of acting on your thoughts, because that could lead to many consequences. In my opinion, Aang represents a small percentage of people that would talk and work it out peacefully. Many would act on their thoughts and make the situation worse, depending on their emotions during that time. If you were Toph, what would you do in situations like these? We can clearly relate with all of these people, agreeing and disagreeing. Seeing from other people’s point of views is what makes life, life.

Aang was a child who grew up with no parents and learned by himself. He is one of the greatest benders to ever exist, and grew into a greater person and bender while learning from the best. If you can love “Miraculous Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir”, you will DEFINITELY love Avatar. They teach almost the same values: love, hate, betrayal, growth, loyalty, honesty, and many more. If you haven’t watched Miraculous (on Netflix) yet, you are definitely missing out (I really want them to reveal who they are under the mask). That being said, revealing who you “really” are under the mask and opening your heart to others will change the way you think and the way others think about you. They will grow to love and respect, because everybody can change if they try to. If you want change, you’ll want Avatar.

Reading the graphic novel of Avatar can also change your perspective of the original TV show. Drawings come from the heart, hand, and mind, which makes it more intriguing and heart-felt. This specific novel portrays war between the benders and non-benders, while Aang is the only one who can make the decision to strip Liling’s powers to stop these violent fights. This decision can lead to life, or death. He wants to end war, but he has too much dignity to take away Liling’s powers, because he is strong, independent, and smart. But, he is also confused, scared, and nervous on what to decide. This novel had perfect features as well as imperfect features, making it balanced and imbalanced. This is why “Avatar: The Last Airbender – Imbalance Part 3” is a show that you and your friends should begin or continue to watch.

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