Noragami is a Must-Read.

HI! I’m Sam. I am a retired avid-manga-reader, and current high school student. Nostalgia is a great feeling, which led me back to Noragami. Noragami is an amazingly written story that is so great I felt the obligation to share it with others. If you’ve got plenty of spare time, which you probably do, you HAVE to give Noragami a try.

Yato is a God who has no followers, no money, and no shrine. A homeless God if you would. In order to make money and gain followers, he is willing to complete any tasks from anyone, for only 5 yen! There is also Yuki/Yukine, a teen spirit that died to a tear-shedding death, and Yato’s second in command. Lastly there’s Hiyori, a teen girl who is trying to keep the team together while fixing her little soul-sometimes-disconnecting-with-her-body problem. Isn’t that just the most interesting trio of characters you’d like to follow? You’ll constantly feel pride with every character’s development- and pity for whenever backstories get revealed.

If you’ve watched Toilet-Bound Hanako Kun, Blue Exorcist, or any manga relating to supernatural and fantasy you’ll definitely LOVE Noragami. For the most part, all three of them relate to a group of friends who accidentally fall into a world of the unknown and paranormal rules. Just like the other two, Noragami gets you completely attached to ALL main characters. As soon as you feel a great attachment, your heart will get ripped out as more and more truths come out. Maybe you haven’t even read a single manga but are very interested in learning even the slightest bit about traditional Japanese culture. You’ll be able to vaguely learn about Shintoism throughout the story.

You don’t have to take my word for it, but of course there are about 58 thousands of people that have rated the manga. I’d say the rating of 8.4/10 is pretty outstanding with the amount of people participating in the rating. Many have described the manga as “by far the best manga I’ve ever read”. Meshi_chan has very positive things to say about Noragami, “Noragami is not your usual supernatural manga. You search for a mystery? Intense fight? Gods? Family? Comedy? Goofy Characters? Betrayal? Itsy-Bitsy Romance? This manga has it all.”

By the way, the manga hasn’t been completed yet. So if you start and binge it, you’ll be able to say you read it before it was finished, which is a great feeling!

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