Want a Good Read?

Look no further. Valiant High is the right read for you, and I’ll give you exactly three reasons why.

Reason 1: Characters.

The characters in the novel range from the high school age to adulthood. This means that there are characters that every reader can relate to and resonate with their age group. The characters are fun, entertaining, and easy to connect with. The characters also drastically range in personality types. This allows readers to find a character that closely resembles their personality type.

Reason 2: Plot.

The story takes place in a high school, but with superheroes. A superhero high school! It takes the reader on the journey of the students navigating through high school while also balancing their powers and their superhero life.

Reason 3: Comical Masterpiece.

The bright colors pop out at you, giving it that authentic superhero feel to it. The depictions of each character are so consistent throughout the graphic novel. Each panel has something interesting to look at, no matter your interests. By just taking a quick glance at the artwork, you can definitely see that the artist understands how to appeal to an audience. The artwork makes it flashy, classy, and fantastic.

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