Hi, I am a student who loves to read and enjoys finding top-quality literature to share with everyone. Recently, I finished reading the graphic novel: The Breadwinner, by Shelly Tanaka, and now I want you to read it too.

The setting takes place in Afghanistan, one of the regions under the Taliban’s control. The main character, Pavanna, is a young girl forced into the role of a boy to be the breadwinner of the family after her father was put into prison. The young girl’s action to hide her gender depicts the sexist role of women under Taliban rule yet shows her determination to get her family through difficult times and reunite with her father.

This scene shows the horrifying reality that nothing could be done to save the death of a loved one.

This graphic novel calls attention to the critical issues in Afghanistan as the Taliban still restricts the rights of women to this day after they had retaken Afghanistan in 2021. The novel accurately highlighted the women’s restriction in education from a young age, high-paying jobs, voice in society, and feminine expression. Reading this graphic novel right now can help people stay informed on an important social injustice in the world and encourage us to not let history repeat itself which could lead to the loss of human rights.

If you are the type to enjoy books about war and survival, you will love the Breadwinner. This realistic fiction opens your perspective to daily life in a war-torn country and follows the struggles of a young girl trying to keep her family safe.

The next time you are looking for a meaningful yet exciting read, pick the Breadwinner.

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