Enola Holmes – The Graphic Novels: Book 1

This page-turning graphic novel Enola Holmes – The Graphic Novels: Book 1 is a must-read. Read about a teen-girl who wakes on her birthday to find that her mother has disappeared. Displaying a wide variety of emotions, you will laugh and hold your breath along with the graphic novel, and want more. The way the graphic novel is done even allows you to solve and think about the mystery alongside Enola. The graphic novel also has variety as it presents three different cases. (pathos)

This graphic novel is all about solving the mysteries presented but it’s put in a playful way. So, if you are one of the people who love crime, detective, or mystery type books but don’t want all the violence involved, you will really love reading this graphic novel. I can guarantee you will enjoy it. The illustrations and colors are beautiful and the mystery is a very engaging page-turner. (logos)

Involving, engaging, and playful, you will find that you will enjoy this book. It presents the clues in a very involving way and uses codes to encode the messages. It’s also very playful as it is not very dark, or serious. Although you may think you won’t enjoy its “light” manner, it is a nice break from all the stress. As the book starts to pick up, you will find that you are getting caught up in the plot and mystery and making your own guesses as to what the “answer” will be. You won’t regret reading it: it’s very involving, engaging, and playful. (repetition)

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