Hi there,

My name is Lavinya Nasralla and I am a teenager that is trying to get through life. Being a teenager is very stressful and doesn’t leave me with much freedom to do what I enjoy, like reading more during the school year. I am supposed to create an elevator pitch on a graphic novel in my English class. I choose to do Frozen, if you continue reading you will be convinced to read frozen. I promise.

Ethos: Frozen is one of the most popular movies. The movie Frozen has earned around 1.282 billion dollars with a 90% rotten tomato rating, which is incredibly good. So many age groups have watched this movie, all my friends and all the parents I know have watched Frozen at least once. Frozen has become so popular that it has many high reviews from well-known publishing companies like New York Times or USA Today. Being featured in either one of these magazine companies is a huge deal and adds tons of publicity. Walking into the Disney store, you’ll notice that a majority of the merchandise available is Frozen themed and can be expected to be sold out in less than a day. Based on the amounts of amazing reviews this would convince anyone to read the graphic novel.

Logos: Apart than Frozen, Walt Disney has developed several great films, such as Tarzan. Tarzan is a movie that you may be familiar with. If you’ve seen Tarzan or read any of the comic books based on it, you should read Frozen. Tarzan and Frozen have themes in common. Tarzan grew up in the jungle, which is not a typical place for a human to grow up in. As a result, Tarzan had to adapt to his new surroundings and learn skills to assist himself. Much like Tarzan, in Frozen, Elsa manages to hone her ice powers and grow up in a land that was not suited to nourish her powers. Both of these characters learned to adapt and deal with their environment.

Pathos: As previously stated, Frozen is one of the most popular movies among children, therefore they will most likely enjoy the comic book just as much, if not more! One of the main reasons I enjoy this story so much is that it emphasizes the importance of family. Elsa and Anna’s parents died when they were young, leaving them with no one but each other. You’d think that their parents’ deaths would bring Elsa and Anna closer together, but that’s not the case; instead, Elsa pushes Anna away. As you read the comic, you will learn more about family and how you should never give up on family. As you read through the story you learn more about family aspects and how you should never give up on family. Both girls are dealing with a great deal of hurt and pain. Will they get through it together, or will their bond be broken forever?

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