Inside An Introvert’s Mind


Everyone has an introvert in their lives. This person could be a classmate, a sibling, or even yourself. The comic, “Quiet Girl In a Noisy World”, depicts the life of an introverted girl going through college and the social obstacles that come with it. The comic shows her in various social situations that she has an awkward time handling. Reading this comic can help you better understand what it means to be an introvert and how to get through situations where you might feel uncomfortable. For example, her classmates invited her to a group study session, but she had already studied the chapter and couldn’t find the appropriate excuse to leave. She feels uncomfortable and says that her boyfriend is waiting for her, so she can quickly leave the library.


The main character in this comic struggles in her everyday life to find the right words to say, to start conversations, to kindly say “no”, etc. Although these small social interactions might seem mundane to most of us, there are many introverts in our lives who have trouble dealing with them. It doesn’t necessarily mean that introverts dislike talking to people and socializing overall, but rather, they find comfort in solitude more than in loud, populated areas. Even the most extroverted and outgoing person experiences social situations where they feel uncomfortable, like they don’t belong, or simply that their social battery has run out. This comic reassures its readers that it is okay to not be okay sometimes, and everyone needs a break from socializing sometimes.


Similar to many people, I see myself in the main character. Although I might come off as a talkative and sociable person in school, I need a lot of time by myself in order to recharge my social battery. I find hanging out for long periods of time with other people drain me. This results in me escaping to my phone to spend some quiet time by myself. I know from personal experience that there is a certain time in our hangout where we would just go on our phones in silence. Sometimes simply being around someone’s presence is better than going out all the time. This is because everyone values quality time spent together differently.

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