Why you should read Fire Force

  1. Ethos

Fire Force, man I love this manga. That’s why I wanted to share this manga with you today, I appreciate the manga studio writing such a good manga. So, therefore, I think they would enjoy you reading this too. If you want some entertainment in your life you should read Fire Force. It is about the main protagonist, a teen trying to become a hero in a world where people become fire monsters. There is a fire force which is basically the fire department or firemen who put out fires in their world. Although sometimes people catch on fire and turn into fire monsters, and the reason is unknown as to why people do this. That is the job of the fire force. It is very entertaining because the characters all have special powers, they take on the difficult task of saving people with these powers. Their missions are interesting to watch and definitely bring their crew closer together, you feel like you are a part of their crew.

2. Logos

There are many mangas and stories like this also, if you’re still not feeling like reading Fire Force maybe these stories can persuade you. If you love action and heroes or basically shounen manga, you’ll love Fire Force. Mangas like My Hero Academia, Bleach, Black Clover, Naruto, Jujutsu Kaisen, and much more are just like Fire Force. The story has many great powerful characters and villains. The fights in Fire Force are always good and the sound effects are epic (in the anime). I really like the environment of the open city, there are also other fire departments around the city that kill infernos (fire monsters). They also compete with each other to see which is the best fire department.

3. Pathos

In conclusion, by watching Fire Force you might change as a human being, maybe if you’re too lazy or feeling sad you can become hopeful by watching Shinra (the protagonist). He always tries his best to become the hero, and make others around him proud. He trains and trains to get better with his pyrokinetic powers in order to save others. I’m trying to become at least 10% as hard working as him although I’m going to need to be more consistent. If you also want to be just like Shinra then you should read Fire Force. You won’t regret it!

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