The Graveyard Book: Adoption by Ghosts

As a human being, I would personally recommend for you to read “The Graveyard Book”. To start simply, “The Graveyard Book” is a graphic novel. It has a mystery theme to start with and is a supernatural story. I find this a fresh and interesting story when it combines all these elements. If you enjoy books with supernatural ghost themes, you’re going to enjoy this book.

The book tells a compilation of stories in the main character, Nobody Owen’s, life as he grows up in a graveyard due to the death of his family. Each story changes Nobody in some way, be it by making him feel something new, or to push him out of his comfort zone to encourage him in some way. Each story also progresses in chronological order, or so it seems, with Nobody being more educated and grown up as time goes on. I personally believe that such story arcs help build up the character and can make you attached to them. Therefore, in my professional opinion, this is a book that you can reliably spend your time on for a good investment.

In one of said stories, Nobody, adopted by the dead Owen’s family, Nobody makes a friend. This friend of his goes on a short adventure with him in the graveyard, which eventually gets her in trouble from her family. She is then forced to stop coming to the graveyard where Nobody lives. Many people may relate to the loss of friends and those close to you due to unforeseen and unchangeable circumstances, but we will see how Nobody continues on despite this.

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