Steven Universe Elevator

Do you remember the days back in elementary school? When you would eagerly turn on the TV after school to watch Cartoon Network? If so, then you have to remember Steven Universe. The nostalgia that you get from reading this graphic novel is like no other, bringing you back to when you had no worries, no responsibilities, and no expectations. It is something that a lot of us can connect on and relate to. This graphic novel variation of Steven Universe will surely bring you back to the universe of being a kid again.

Do you like reading about people with powers? Epic fights? Family? Well, you will love the Steven Universe graphic novels. It has all the things we love about the typical graphic novel as well as the childish humor that we all know and love from the cartoons we have watched as kids. It takes us into a world where people with superpowers live a normal life without having to hide it from everyone. It gives a whole different feel from other “superhero” comics where they hide their “secret” from society.

As a high school student myself, I really enjoyed reading the graphic novel version of Steven Universe, as it brings back fond memories of when I was younger. It portrays the bond between friends, and the special father-son bond, which is personally my favorite part of the whole Steven Universe.

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