What’s Your Name?

The plot of “Your Name” is two teenagers swapping bodies every now and then and living each other’s life. They get to live different experiences that they would have never lived through if it hadn’t happened. This story unfolds as a romance/fantasy and they slowly fall in love with each other as they get to know each other’s lives. There is a complication that gets in the way of Taki meeting Mitsuha and you follow the story as they try to find and meet each other. You would enjoy reading this book if you like romance plots that have a chase to finally have the main characters end up together. 

The characters go through several obstacles to find each other. One of them is that Mitusha wishes she were someone else. When her wish came true, she woke up in the body of a guy about her age and he woke up in hers. At first, this was a complication because they didn’t understand what was happening and why, but also they had to get used to each other’s lives, some parts that they enjoyed and some didn’t. This sends the message to the audience to appreciate the experiences you have or will take but don’t be afraid to go out and make new ones that you would have never thought to make. 

This book shows the life of two teenagers who learn to find themselves throughout the series. At the beginning of the story, they establish the internal conflict within the main character Mitsuha. She and other teenagers struggle to find themselves and who they are. This is a crucial turning point for many people as this sets the tone for the rest of their lives. And most of the time, it is easier to wish you were someone completely different when it seems like you are the reason for your failures. Mitsuha faces this struggle and gets a chance to live out her wish. She finds that it’s good to have different experiences but ultimately ends up back where she started as she realizes she doesn’t need to live through another person to find contentment in herself. She gives hope and stands as an inspiration for those who felt the same as her. Things do get better from here, it only takes time. 

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