The Kite Runner

Hello readers! I’m Rachael, a current sophomore at Fountain Valley High School. I’m looking for the perfect graphic novel … I think I may have found it. I believe you, readers, should read this book for not only the plot between a friendship of a wealthy boy, Amir, and the son of Amir’s father’s servant. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini mentions various serious topics that you wouldn’t expect because it is a graphic novel. Everyone should get a chance to read this book because it’s about life in a country that we have very little knowledge about due to the lack of information presented in the media.

Our main character in the Kite Runner is a kid named Amir. He feels his father doesn’t love him and acts the way he does because of him, Amir, who killed his mom during birth. He feels this burden where everything he does will never seem to be enough for his dad. A lot of people my age, and even myself, feel this pressure to exceed in school or else we’re unworthy of our parents’ love. On top of that, Amir’s friend, Hassan is constantly picked on by older kids who believe they’re superior because they’re “real” Afghan. We were all little once and we were at the bottom of the food chain where we have the older kid who picks at you for just about everything. Who you are, what you wear, what you eat, who you hang out with, and etc.

If you love the relationship between Bruno and Schmuel in the Boy in Striped Pyjamas then you would love this book because there’s a similar relationship between Amir and Hassan. These two boys are both Afghan but Hassan will have to suffer more than Amir and it takes a lot of courage for Amir to stand up to protect his friend. With Bruno and Schmuel, Bruno brings entertainment and food to Schmeul every day until one day Bruno decides to go under the gate to be with his friend.

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