The Lightning Thief

Have you ever felt the insatiable need for violence, minotaurs, and conflict between Greek Gods? “The Lightning Thief”, by Rick Riordan offers all of this, and much more. The Lightning Thief is kind of like a unique coming-of-age story, and as high school students, I think many of us can find numerous ways to relate to the main character, Percy Jackson, by looking at his experiences throughout the novel, and taking note of his character development.

If you enjoy stories with heavy action and lore, then The Lightning Thief is a must-read. Besides the relationships of the Greek Gods with one another, Riordan also gives the reader the story of Percy Jackson, who begins to discover that he is a demigod. Percy goes on many different adventures on his quest to retrieve Zeus’ lost lightning bolt, and naturally, these adventures involve a lot of action. The story of Percy Jackson is also considered to be fairly historically-accurate, as the Gods aren’t necessarily portrayed accurately, but their relations with one another shows resemblance to actual Greek Mythology.

As somebody who consumes media in the fiction genre on the daily, I can say that The Lightning Thief is a great story for people who enjoy a captivating and exciting story line, mixed with great action and lots of character development.

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