Why You Should Read the Star Wars: Lost Stars Vol. 1 Manga

One of the reasons the Star Wars: Lost Stars Vol. 1 manga is worth reading is because of the story’s connection to the rest of the Star Wars universe. If you like Star Wars, there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy what Star Wars: Lost Stars has to offer. It has a strong connection to the rest of the universe that’s seen in the movies and it takes place across multiple and familiar time periods from other Star Wars media. Many of the things that happen in the movies directly influence multiple parts of the story in Lost Stars. This means that anybody who has any interests in other parts of the Star Wars universe, they’ll most likely enjoy the events of this story.

Another reason Star Wars: Lost Stars is worth reading is because the characters are relatable to the audience. The characters featured in the story go through many of the same feelings that we go through in our lives. Such examples are chasing after our dreams and passions, and working tirelessly to achieve our goals. The story also showcases different relationships between characters. All of these connect the audience to the characters and their feelings. It is because of this the audience is able to understand and develop more interest in the characters.

One final reason why you should read Star Wars: Lost Stars is that the story frames the Star Wars universe in a new perspective. The story is framed in a way that brings the audience closer to the major conflicts that are seen in the movies. It focuses on different parts of the Empire and the Rebellion. It also shows more of the characters and relations that develop inside of the two organizations. The story also frames characters and organizations in a way that further develops ideas of government and revolution that were depicted in other Star Wars media.

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