The ONE Adaptation You Must Read

I’m not a fan of fan fiction. I’ve always been someone who only watches or reads the original, otherwise known as the canon. There is an exception, however, which is Tomas Palacios’ Amazing Spider-Man. I personally grew up reading all the Marvel comics I could get my hands on. Specifically, I was fascinated by Spider-Man. I read all the comics, watched all the movies, and of course indulged in all the theories. You see I, like any Marvel fanatic or teenager with a taste in entertainment, have always held stories to the highest standard. The way that Palacios was able to capture the similar mood and tone of the original comic whilst having his own distinct dialect makes this graphic novel a perfect mix of unique and nostalgic.

Recall the feeling you got from seeing Spider-Man when you were super young. That feeling of wonder and endless possibilities of stories you could make of Spider-Man in your head. Recall how you felt browsing through the aisles at the store Mom took you to and spotting the red and blue superhero as a fun little toy. Or how you felt when Spider-Man first appeared in the movies. This novel brings back that feeling. Just as you were able to create clamoring scenarios of action-packed fantasies in your head, Tomas Palacios’ Amazing Spider-Man tells the story of Peter Parker in the eyes of the youth. It carries the aroma of excitement in the form of a story much like yours when you were younger playing with your action figure. This book is guaranteed to make you feel like a fulfilled little kid writing the plot for himself.

Many people love Marvel. If you are someone who loves Marvel, it only makes sense that you would love this book. It has the original touch of Stan Lee’s comic writing with the friendly neighborhood superhero we all love, Spider-Man. Even if you don’t like Marvel, you’ll still love this book. Think about it. The comic has a five star review average. Any world renounced book, especially based on Marvel, is judged very harshly. The fact is that people have very high standards when it comes to adaptations of books they love because well, they want to love it the same way and expect nothing less. Seeing as this book exceeded everyone’s expectations including mine, it only makes logical sense that it would exceed yours.

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