Why should you read “Frozen”, a graphic novel retelling? For one, the story revolves around a really unique sister bond and the graphic novels displays it perfectly. The two main characters, Elsa and Anna are two very close sisters who lost their bond growing up, but towards the end of the book, they obtain their bond back. This is similar to siblings nowadays. They argue with each other growing up, but make up in their adult years and learn to care for each other again.

If you enjoy stories of the love genre, you’ll love Frozen. Frozen is a story that is about sacrificing certain things for the people you love. However it is not a romantical type of love that is shown throughout the story. In fact, it is really Storge love, the love you feel for your family or close friends. Most Disney stories don’t revolve around this topic, which is what makes “Frozen” an extremely unique story for those who enjoy the genre of love. 

I also believe that this graphic retelling of “Frozen” encapsulates the actual movie in all its beauty. Not a single thing is left out and the artwork is impeccable. Overall the story line is unlike any other Disney film or book. It’s a cute story of two sisters that can be relatable for some, therefore I highly recommend it! 

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