House of Fear: Attack of the Killer Snowmen and other spooky stories

Hi, my name is Carter! I’m glad you found my page.

I’m a sophomore at FVHS with many graphic novels under my belt and today I read one of my favorites.

After completing this graphic novel, I was so appreciative that I wanted to put my feelings for this book into text.

Logos: If you are a person that enjoys the visual beauties of flashy comics but believes that they lack story and world-building, this graphic novel is for you. The authors of this collective series intelligently combine the two most significant sources of entertainment. The artwork is bright, and bold, which stands out from works in similar categories and brings a mood to readers. Making sure not to overwhelm the reader, the artist incorporates shadows into their work, symbolizing the unknown horror element lurking in the dark. In words, this book briefly incorporates themes into the story which gets the character building a known presence.

Pathos: This book does not emotionally ground me in a sentimental way, but instead works to scare me. It accomplishes this by using suspenseful language and graphic images in the story that keep the reader uncomfortable. Although the content of the story is fantasy, it makes sure to give the reader a sense of fear and unfamiliarity.

Ethos: Although faded with all the visual elements, ethics in the characters and their morals can be found. People act reasonably and respond based on their basic human fundamental values which ground us in the graphic novels world. When people are in danger, it is instinct to help those you care about and realistically act upon the changing environment. Caring for the people you enjoy becomes the only thing that matters and the story encapsulates this numerous times.

To whoever reads my review and the graphic novel, get back to me as soon as possible so we can have a meaningful analysis together.

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