Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World

Hi! My name is Trenton Pham! I am so glad I am able to talk to you today! About what exactly? The light novel, manga, and anime series: Re:Zero – Starting Life in Another World!

What is this series exactly? Re:Zero is one of the most renowned novel series in the Isekai (new world fantasy) genre, considered one of the best of its kind. When you first hear of Re:Zero, you don’t expect much, due to the fact that it’s an Isekai, known for being fun and entertaining while lacking complex characters and plots. This is mainly a result of Isekais often involving an overpowered main character and generally coinciding with the Comedy genre. Re:Zero, on the other hand, is capable of departing from the cliche, and developing one of the most complex plots, characters, and meanings that has ever been seen in Isekai. A huge portion of this is due to Subaru Natsuki, arguably one of the most well-written characters. Subaru, unlike the normal overpowered main character, is transported into another world, with essentially nothing but his power that allows him to reset the world every time he dies. Instantly, viewers and readers can relate to his struggle, which continues to develop as the series progresses, as we get to see Subaru continue to face the repercussions of his actions and grow from them. He is full of flaws, but that doesn’t stop him from having a major impact on the storyline. His words and actions truly show that even though he may be useless, his selflessness, courage, and kindness depict his journey to becoming a true hero. There are times when we may all feel useless, but like Subaru, there are still parts of us that are impactful in the world, we just may not know it. Re:Zero has one of the best and most complex characters, and diving into each of them would take forever, but it’s still a rollercoaster of emotions as you start to realize and understand the importance of each character.

Another Isekai series worth mentioning, which has especially been popular since its anime adaptation, is Mushoku Tensei. It’s amazing world-building combined with its characters and plots make it another Isekai contending for the top spot. The way the main character, even while being overpowered, is restrained by his past life and choices builds upon the complexity of the series. If you like Mushoku Tensei, then you’re in luck, because you should DEFINITELY start reading Re:Zero. Even if Re:Zero lacks the overpowered main character, it still has a similar underlying complexity combined with a level of comedy that makes the series so much more enjoyable for all viewers. Without a doubt, any Isekai lover should check out Re:Zero, and see for themselves the masterpiece at hand.

While some individuals believe that the series doesn’t compare to other series of the Isekai genre, mainly due to the main character, countless individuals believe that it is the best there is. If you go onto YouTube or Google and search “Why is Re:Zero so good?”, you will get countless videos or responses that focus on the specialty of each and every part of the series, from its characters to its plot, to its world-building, to even its timeline. There are countless reasons countless individuals from the Isekai community voice their opinion explaining why Re:Zero is the best.

I assure you that reading or watching Re:Zero will not be a mistake. It is one of the best animes and mangas that I have read, and I just love diving into each and every character and their symbolism/complexity. Especially now that Season 3 of the anime is releasing soon, it is best that you catch up with the manga up to the end of the second season or just watch the two seasons, so you can be up to date to watch each episode of the third season as they release and truly enjoy the masterpiece. I promise you that it will make you wish each episode will release earlier.

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