Meiruko Chan

This manga was made by the author Izumi Tomoki.  Izumi Tomoki has been an author for a while, and his best-selling series, Meiruke Chan, was not his first. He had written a lot of other stories all the way from 2004.  He has been a manga artist for a long time and his works are a lot more popular in Japan.

Meiruko Chan is a story about a girl who deals with the unusual ability to see ghosts. Although she acts nonchalant about it, she is actually really scared of the ghosts.  On top of being a student in high school who is already dealing with the stress of school and sports, she also has to deal with the fact that she is unique and different every day.  This alone should be enough to relate back to many people. This can help people relate their problems about not fitting in and being different from everyone else.

Meriuko in this story also struggles with being a normal girl, also in the anime adaptation of the manga, we can see her talking about the struggle of being different from everyone else, and in the end, she learns to accept her differences which might hit home for a lot of people. Meriuko Chan is an amazing but not boring slice-of-life manga due to her being able to see ghosts.  If you love titles like “Komi Can’t communicate” by Tomohito Oda, Meriuko Chan is a great next step.  

Meriuko Chan was relatively a new manga that just started releasing in October of 2022 but has already sold nearly 2 million copies. The manga itself was ranked 5th for the best upcoming anime and it was ranked 10th out of the 50 nominees regarding the digital copy.

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