Minecraft-Wither Without You (Volume 1)

Hello, My name is Adrian Hernandez, And I can’t wait to share about this comic book with you called WIther Without you. It is a comic book that has been published by the esteemed comic book company Dark Horse. The book is set in the wondrous world of Mojang’s Minecraft where you can see an in-depth look at the world of Minecraft. In this book, you follow two siblings who lose their master when he is eaten by. wither. Now the siblings have one goal, get back their master from the wither.

This book is the book for you if you ever played Minecraft and you are interested in the story of the Minecraft world. Minecraft is such a nostalgic game for people in our generation and seeing the art that many people have grown up with is really cool. If you have any interest in Minecraft, you’ll surely enjoy this book.

If you look at the review for this book, you will find that it is a well-received book. It has 4.7 stars out of 5 which is really good for a book. One reviewer named Tia said “I really liked this book although I don’t play nor like Minecraft I LOVE THE DRAWINGS! I read the two books which were Making Friends(™)I love your drawings and I love the funny moments and everything!” See, even if you have no emotional connection to it.

Minecraft, Minecraft, Minecraft is a generational game that lets you see a fantasy world. Also, do not worry about one volume being out. In fact, there are multiple volumes out now if you are still interested in the series. I really recommend this book to any comic book enjoyers, Minecraft enjoyers, or people who just love art. Please give this comic a chance and happy reading!

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