The Apollo Theater

The Apollo theater is a legendary and iconic place. Many celebrities and famous musicians were proud to have performed there. This includes Elvis Presley, James Brown, Sammy Davis jr, Pharrell Williams, and Jay-Z. Paul Mccartney says, “I dreamed of playing here for many a year”. If such popular and successful musicians validate the legitimacy of the Apollo theater, then you should too! 

In the 20th century, segregation in America caused African Americans to face immense prejudice, indignities, and injustice. For the entertainment industry, it was also a battle. However, in Harlem, it was a different story. “The apollo was the apex of black entertainment. Coming to Harlem and the Apollo was an expression of the Black Spirit in America. It was a Haven”(Ted Fox).

If you like music, then you have the like the Apollo theater. This theater brings all of your most famous, influential artists, to the forefront of the entertainment industry. Allowing them to thrive in their careers and create the songs you love.

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