The Breadwinner: A Tale Of Love, Sacrifice and Risk

Howdy! My name is Filo, I am an average student with a simple Idea, I am interested and invested in the history of people who experience oppression in areas alike, and why it happens.

This graphic novel doesn’t represent anyone, it presents ideas that oppressed people for, centuries-2023, It gives you a great visual of how, throughout history, most of us, humans, haven’t improved much. How does this graphic novel prove this? Well, it goes like this, A colonial country, never seen the light of independence, gives education to women, and men alike send everyone to work and peaceful roads roam it. To an unfortunate oppression of the sword, and when a family opposes these instructions they are rammed, by the injustice of the declining system. Afghanistan a Radically ruled country has shown dictatorship by blood, sexism towards the women, and religious sacrifice to the men as the holiest of hollies.

Page 23 of this book, is a pot of mixed reactions, a student betraying his teacher for the “wrong teachings” that he taught him during his youth, attacking him, and taking him away from his needing family.

As a realistic point of view from this book, this really portrays the truth to me here, a country destroyed by other countries, “politics ayy.” I can’t believe that some of these countries were, where one day, the most civilized ancient bodies of the world. I think this novel influences the lover, fighter mentality. This is how it is in countries deprived of their rights, and this family shows how, the least of actions create the greatest of opportunities, even the riskiest actions are of worth. As a student it teaches me not to fear, a life of fear is not a life, it’s a presumed death. Risks if fought for with love and fearlessness, are beneficial to the people surrounding you, that they got a person to rely on. The child in this book, took a risk to reconcile his family, saving his father from the savage war.

If you believe and have read about these political wars, then I would consider the P.O.V of the people who fall victim to it, next time you make an assumption about the feeling or happiness of these folks that live under the triumphed feet of their leaders, then you should refer to this story, and remember that these events, do happen. The mental note of this novel is meant for everyone, no matter of beliefs or origin. fight for your love, we all love something, doesn’t have to be a person, could be maternal, could be a career goal, could be solving world hunger. No matter what, a lover will always fight for his love, in all the romance plays we hear of, Romeo and Juliett, the titanic, and the religious example of Jesus Christ for all people on the cross, they fight for their love, and the commonality between all of them is they knew who they were and who they wanted to be. As everyone knows on the inside.

This book is great motivation, and education on the capability of the simple human mind, in any condition to control any situation rightfully and fearlessly regardless of age, gender, belief, or origin. Together we are strong, divided we are conquered.

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