The Future of AI

AI. Artificial Intelligence. To students, this tool may be beneficial in helping students understand the coursework and learn how to do certain tasks. Yet, exploitation is inevitable. With the emergence of AI tools, namely ChatGPT, teachers have been bombarded with students exploiting AI tools to fully complete assignments from scratch and write essays. On the other hand, businesses and companies, especially with the release of GPT-4, utilize these AI tools to efficiently provide for their own needs, with some relying on these tools completely. With social media and news coverage, AI has been a hot topic all around the world, with jobs being high-demand and AI being used for essentially everything. Yet, is this really a good thing?

Youtube video highlighting the dangers of AI in our current lives

AI, over the past few years, has advanced far faster than anyone has expected. These devices have access to our daily lives and continue to become a prominent factor in our lives. With the increasing amount of AI in our lives, from ChatGPT to countless AI devices and programs, such as refrigerators, speakers, lights, screens, cars, robots, etc., it is time to wonder, “Is this really a good thing?” Everyone knows of the threat of AI, yet everyone seems to not care. But, with the rate of advancements and integration of AI, it’s truly scary to think about how much information and access these AI tools have in our lives. They have been constantly collecting data from humans, learning from it, storing it, and using it to further develop their own capabilities. With how much AI has grown in the past year alone, with GPT-4 being able to pass, and even excel at taking standardized tests, it is impossible to know what is to come. The dangers of AI are notably present in our daily lives, yet there is still a need and a want to research and develop deeper into the depths of AI. The terrifying future shown in Sci-Fi movies may seem like an impossibly distant future, yet, that future may be closer than we may assume.

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