Basketball Dreams

“Remember I had basketball dreams, uh”

“Stuck up in my ways, I’m a different type of breed, huh”

My mom has faith in me to bring us out of poverty.

I need to work hard to bring up my company.

Late at night when we got no food to eat.

I have basketball dreams about going to the nba winning a 3 peat.

Mother makes sacrifices working hard to see my peak.

I work through my pain prove to myself I’m not weak.

Dreams to Reality

“My life was hard, it just had to be (Yeah)

Watch me turn my dreams to reality (Yeah)”

Senior year of high school, I suffered a career ending injury.

Heartbroken, I didn’t believe I could still turn my dream of making the NBA to reality.

My mom still having faith in me gave me the strength to recover.

Feeling the faith I received, gave me the determination to fight back against all obstacles.

I will turn my dreams into reality.

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