An Alluring Hallucination

“This world is a nuisance

All these eyes look upon me so ruthless”

“They only love me when I dance with a smile”

The long and isolated journey home, pondering about the faces they gave, the emotions they expressed, the things that some said about me.

Getting through the emotions they created for me, crossing one arm across my chest, walking along the sidewalk while sore on my legs.

Why did this have to happen. 

As the sun sets behind the mountain range, I pick up the pace.

It was the last day of school before winter break.

I wanted to rest my body before I unwind and play games.

“At least I still have my friends” I said to myself.

“I can’t sleep, and when I do

It’s a nightmare, and I”

“I’m trying to yell, but I’m dying as well

So why even put up a fight”

I get home around dinnertime exhausted, I’ve been walking for 4 miles.

The winds picked up in speed, the lampposts flickering their shadow on the road, I could sense the lifeless air around my home.

“It seems my parents aren’t home yet.”

Leftover noodles in my fridge, I heated the stove and went to shower.

When warm water ran down my skin, It felt like I was being reborn again. The cleansing of my mind, the soothing of my body and soul.

I ate the food and got ready for bed. I said my prayers, and goodnight.

When I awoke, I was paralyzed, It was a few hours past midnight.

A tall shadowy figure with a suit and a hat approached me from my open door to my nightstand. I tried to talk, but I let out muffled coughs.

Why did this have to happen.

“I’ve been running in circles”

“Wake up with hope that you might care

Oh, where were you”

Lost in my own nightmare, my chest and arms were in pain, I didn’t know what to should do. 

Eventually I fell into a trance and watched the shadow, and my eyes began to shut.

Finally, I awake in the middle of the day. 

In bed, I can taste the spicy aroma that my mother is cooking for dinner. For once, I’m glad to hear my dad talking on the phone. 

I can hear my sister’s Netflix shows downstairs, my dog barking. Glad that both of my parents are at home, I’m finally relieved and relaxed. 

When I get up, my body feels light as a feather.

“No more pain?” I asked to myself, “Maybe miracles do exist.” 

I go on my computer and start talking to my friends. I told them about my experiences and said,

“I’ll make sure things get better.”

“Found yourself in a new direction”

“Let you know you’re not the only one”

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