Taking Initiative

“Darling, hold me close, we’re moving fast”

“Time erasing memories of the past”

It’s your freshman year of college, you see familiar faces,those of which were branded into your brain.  Now barely even glancing at them, just like strangers.

Tears flush to your eyes, memories rush through your head and a plethora of emotions come out like they were suppressed for years.

“There’s no escaping, but it’s fine, Inside the prison of my mind”

“And it’s like everyday some life is taken away from me I smile, I grind my teeth”

You realize that you’re not ready to grow up, seeing people come and go is just so overwhelming and you just want things to last. 

Days go by in the blink of an eye.  Everyday as mundane as the other.  You’re routine is so repetitive and it gives you no motivation to go on.

Enjoy your time, treat others well, because life is a living hell

You lie on your bed pondering, “What happened” “What caused this?”, all these thoughts just leave you stumped, looking for a solution.

Then a thought strikes by, you realize that you just stand by and just let it happen to yourself and do nothing about it.  Nothing will ever change for the better unless you take initiative and put your foot down, you need to be the person that you need in your life.

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